Where did the time go? I look at my daughter now and she has grown so much, I no longer see her as a tiny helpless little baby but a big energetic baby girl. Yes becoming her own little person as I say to hubby (and Aggie), I can see a little me in her personality. She can express clearly now if she’s happy, irratated, sleepy or hungry. She’s attached to me more than anyone else. She’s this little bundle of joy, a cheerful little person who loves to smile at anyone. Who knew I could do this on my own? Who knew I could survive taking care of her alone? I’m enjoying each and every moment we spend together, I won’t say it is easy because its not but I wouldn’t want to do anything else right now. Sometimes I feel like I don’t journal about her much, I feel bad because I want to remember everything I’m experiencing now. I want to be able to tell her stories of how it was like taking care of her as a baby when she grows up. That is why I want to write about this now, the little things, the mundane stuff, the things I will forget soon. I want to remember…

Okay so when I said I won’t be buying anymore clothes for Iyah because hubby bought him a lot when he was in the US and I bought a bunch myself…it wasn’t true. Well it was until this weekend came, I saw a bunch of cute clothes from Elle that we’re on sale so I bought her a few pieces. It was on sale, so I gave in…besides Elle is a bit on the expensive side when you pay the regular price so I saved a lot (clearly making excuses here). We finally got her an infant-to-toddler rocker from Fisher Price at OG. Now she sits on it when we’re at the living room, I’ll post pics next time. Oh and yesterday was the last day to use gymbucks at Gymboree so my friend and I shopped their too…thanks to her as I was able to pick up several cute dress for Iyah. Clearly this baby a lot of clothes, but that’s what you get when you have a baby girl. She will have her own closet once we move to the new house.  Anyway in a few months there will be a new addition to hubby’s family tree…so if the baby turns out to be a girl then she’ll have a lot of branded hand me downs.

We went to the hospital to see Iyah’s pediatrician (he’s a neonatal specialist so his clinic is in the hospital) for her 6-in-1 vaccine which consists of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poliomyelitis & Haemophilus Influenzae B and Hepatitis B. Oh I tell you its really difficult to be on time when you have a baby. There’s getting ready myself (which takes a while too) then getting the baby ready and getting all the baby stuff and making sure not to forget anything…yes rattle included. Our appointment was at 10am but we got there at 11am…lol. So there was a lot of people when we came, the usual sight of Maclarens and Peg Peregos with babies in it and parents pushing their prams (we have a Maclaren). There were a few Combis and Lucky Babys as well (didn’t like their pram because it looks so flimsy and plastic to me). Anyway it was a bit crowded and we were informed by the nurse that we have to wait a while because the 11am and 11:15am patients arrived before us…oh well thats no biggie since we were really late. At times like this I’m so glad I have my Ipod with me, I watched Heroes while waiting so the time passed without me getting bored…though I was hungry. So Iyah’s doing well, she gained weight and is taller now. For her height her weight is above average. I asked the pedia if we could start giving her solid food and he recommended rice cereal as her first food. She was all energetic as she was being checked by her pedia. She wasn’t when she got her vaccine, poor thing. The pedia gave us paracetamol in case she develops slight fever.

We had brunch at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf afterwards since it was just beside the hospital. I love that they have all day breakfast meals…and I love their Salmon Scramble. Hubby on the is not so crazy about their swedish tea. Oh and their cheesecake is yummy too.

I don’t think it is selfish to ask for some “Me” time from time to time. If anyone thinks that stay at home moms have a lot of free time in their hands, well think again. Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day to do all the things you have/want to do. Yes, I love that I’m home to take care of Iyah but it is not a walk in the park either. There are days when I feel so tired, sleep deprived and weak. There are days when I feel the need to switch off the “mommy” button and just have time for myself. No I don’t feel I’m a bad mother by wishing some time off away from my baby. Stay at home moms are not robots that just cook, clean and take care of the family…we’re human beings capable of getting tired and weary. I have to remind myself that its okay to not be perfect, that its okay to ask for help…that I can’t do it all. Yes I would like some ME time from time to time but I still think that being a stay at home mom is the best job I’ve ever had.

In an attempt to keep at least one thing organized I’m revamping this blog. I’ll get rid of old posts and start anew. Since this is my own domain name I really think I should try to make this my own. I need to organize my categories and add links. My fellow bebots has been visiting here and I want to keep myself updated on the latest happenings in their lives too. So if you visit me here and see something looks weird that is because I’m trying to fix this blog and I have no idea how to do it so it will be pretty much a trial and error basis.


  • Likes looking at herself on the mirror
  • Can hold both her feet (and put her foot on her mouth too)
  • Have thicker hair
  • Can lift herself up in a crawling position
  • Is more curious with the things around her (grabs objects that attracts her attention)
  • Puts her tongue out
  • Gives loud laughter when she’s happy, and very loud cries when she’s hungry or upset
  • Learned to identify that her milk bottle is food, would open her mouth in anticipation
  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Holds her hands together
  • Likes to hear mommy sing :)
  • Takes one nap in the morning and one nap in the afternoon

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That’s me and my friends up there. Those ladies have been my friends since my freshman year and college. We were a bunch of sixteen year olds having so much fun at school…not because of our classes but because of what we do after that :) I remember how we use to hang out at a friend’s apartment, cooking lunch, having a drink or two (okay more than two) laugh our hearts out and just enjoy the company of each other. Yes these ladies were my friends from college. This is not a complete picture of our barkada though. We use to drive to Tagaytay on a lazy Sunday afternoon “just because” and there would be weeks that we’d be together from Monday to Sunday. We were together almost all the time and yet Karen and I could still spend hours on the phone when we reach home.

Karen is the bosy one, she’s straight forward and strong willed. She can sometimes be tackless but never felt sorry for saying what she feels. She’s someone you can talk to when you need some serious talk. She dependable and trust worthy.

Marge is the funny one, she could make you laugh even if you’re already bawling like a baby. She has a good heart and is a good listener. She liked Kitchie Nadal even before she became famous. She’s the artsy one, she likes doing stuff on her own like making her own purse from a rug (yes the kind you step on before you enter someone’s home). She’s one of the funniest person I know yet you could confide with her.

Jacq (not me the other one) is good at giving advice. She’s the serious one in the group. She’s the type of person you come to when you have a problem. She’s the party going club hopping kinda girl. Oh and she can dance. She’s someone who you can count on when you need someone to listen to your sob story.

Me. I love ‘em all.

One of the perks of having a baby girl is having lots of choices when it comes to clothing and accessories. I love dressing up my little one! Of course a lot of her clothes are in pink but she also has yellows and purples and even red here and there. Her daddy and I bought her a lot of clothes while we were away and I love seeing all of them in her closet. Most of her new clothes doesn’t fit her yet (which is better than having clothes way to small for her) but I think in the next few months she could be able to wear them. I love clothes from Gymboree, they have the cutest baby clothes. I shopped a lot there last month and when I finally got the items I ordered online I was satisfied with the quality of the clothes (and oh so pretty too).


  • Sleeps through the night. She has established a sleeping pattern already
  • Rolls over with ease
  • Can lift her head for a few minutes and look around her surroundings
  • Makes loud noises to entertain herself
  • Reacts to different colors and moving objects
  • Gets curious where certain sounds comes from
  • Can recognize her mommy even form afar
  • Laughs and giggles whenever she sees mommy
  • Developed a certain fondness for his grandpa
  • Successfully imitated some of my dad’s actions

It’s my baby girl’s fourth month birthday today! As usual I’ll be preparing a special meal to celebrate the ocassion. And of course there would be cake too! I’m so happy to see her so healthy and active. She’s getting heavier each day but I don’t mind ) I love to see learn new things each day too. I credit my dad for encouraging her to roll over. My baby loves her daddy-lo so much, you should see her light up whenever she sees him. He was actually making funny faces to make her laugh and she managed to imitate one of them. It’s her favorite past time now…lol. I think everyone in this house will miss her when we leave next week. Oh well I guess I should send pictures and videos more often huh.

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