Yesterday February 8, 2007 baby girl rolled over for the first time! Another milestone for the record book, yay! I’ve been anticipating this for a few days now since she can roll on her side with no problems whatsoever, she was showing signs of rolling over so I knew it would be a matter of days before she could do it. No one saw the first time it happened (sigh), but I was able to videotape the second roll over (now she’s doing it every now and then). I was laughing as I watched her trying to roll over and failing, she was getting frustrated as she could only manage to roll on her side but after a few attempts she managed to do it. I’m one proud momma! I guess she’s really growing up huh?!

She’s learning to hold her feeding bottle now. She was able to do it for a couple of seconds yesterday, February 1st 2007. The bottle has to be nearly empty though otherwise it would be too heavy for her little hands.

Isn’t she cute? I like this photo because I caught her eating her hand ) She seem to do this often these days. Oh and she drools a lot too…mom tells me she could be teething soon but she’s too young for that right? I love her gummy smile so I hope she doesn’t pop a tooth any time soon.

I’m so happy I got this photo of Iyah yesterday. Taking good photos of her is really challenging because her attention span is too short she would glance at the camera and look away before I couldn’t even press the button. She’s also constantly moving…so you could imagine my delight when I was able to capture this shot, awww its priceless! I’m so glad I have the camera nearby all the time, oh and buying a new one is worth it too (Thanks Babe).

I started my day with diaper changing…lol. Yeah the first thing baby girl did this morning was poop. I woke up to do my usual Eping routine when I heard loud noises coming from her, I knew what that meant so I came to check her out and there she was smiling at me…with a stinky diaper. She still makes my day though, how can I not love that chubby cheeks of hers. Speaking of baby girl, she almost rolled over this morning…it was a almost a success but her arm got stuck or something so she didn’t manage to do it but I know she would soon. I have to get my camera on standby for this moment.

My sisters are both off to school today so it will be me and baby girl all day. Oh good thing my dad bought cakes from Goldilocks at least I could have a sweet fix this afternoon.

Another baby milestone! Today(February 3, 2007) I was recording one of the many Iyah squeeling session when suddenly she uttered Ma-ma. I was really glad I have the video to prove it, lol. I showed it to everyone here at home and they all confirmed what I heard. I’ll be emailing hubby the video, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see it.

So my sister saw my digiscraps and she became interested to learn to make layouts herself. I’m not very keen on the idea since she’s asking me to teach her, and I’m not a very patient teacher. I have to dig up tutorials for her to read, it would be easier for both of us.

Our little one is turning four months old this month. It has sort of became a little tradition that each month I whip up a simple dinner to celebrate the occasion. My mom and I are planning what to cook next week. I plan to take loads of photos too. Fortunately my sisters love to pose for me…lol.

Iyah got her ears pierced yesterday, January 24, 2006. I had it video so hubby could watch it later on. Just a few minutes and it was over, she has cute little earrings now…she cried a little (poor thing). It was good my dad was the one holding her I didn’t have to see the whole thing up close. The price girls pay for beauty…ahhh. At least now no one can mistake her for a boy (lol). I gave her paracetamol last night and put kool fever on her forehead. She’s better now, actually she was her old smiling baby self a few hours after her ear piercing. Her pediatrician back in SG would be surprise to see her next month, you see in SG it is not a norm to get your baby girl’s ear pierce this early. I think they wait until one year old or so…well since I’m here in Pinas right now might as well do it now right. The pediatrician we went to for the piercing was me and my sisters’ pediatrician when we were babies…how cool is that now it was my baby who came to see her.

January 16, 2007 – Iyah slept through the night (from 9:30pm until 7:00am). I’m not sure if this is really a milestone but I want to remember this nevertheless.

Rolling over
Once your baby has head control, and about the same time that he learns to sit on his own, he’ll learn to roll over. He’ll eventually learn to flip over from his back to his tummy and vice versa, and he’ll use his newfound skill to get around a bit. The incentive for those early rolls is often an elusive toy — or you.

When it develops
Your baby may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as age 2 to 3 months. It may take him until he’s about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though, because he needs stronger neck and arm muscles for that maneuver.

How it develops
At about 3 months, when placed on his stomach, your baby will lift his head and shoulders high, using his arms for support. This mini-pushup helps him strengthen the muscles he’ll use to roll over. He’ll amaze you (and himself!) the first time he flips over. (While babies often flip from front to back first, doing it the other way is perfectly normal, too.)

At 5 months your baby will probably be able to lift his head, push up on his arms, and arch his back to lift his chest off the ground. He may even rock on his stomach, kick his legs, and swim with his arms. All these exercises help him develop the muscles he needs to roll over in both directions — likely by the time he’s about 6 months old.

While some babies adopt rolling as their primary mode of ground transportation for a while, others skip it altogether and move on to sitting, lunging, and crawling. As long as your child continues to gain new skills and shows interest in getting around and exploring his environment, don’t worry.


  • Loves to stuff her hand in her mouth. She would sometimes trade her pacifier for her hand (See above pic).
  • Enjoys watching TV, like she understands the shows…lol. I think she is facinated with hte colors and movements of the people on screen.
  • She screams when delighted or irritated. Oh yeah my baby can scream really loud. She laughs often nowadays too.
  • She likes looking at herself in the mirror. She’s like me what do you expect…lol.
  • Her neck muscles are strong now, I don’t support it as much when I’m holding her.
  • She could stand firmly on my lap while I hold her.
  • She likes sitting on my lap (while watching TV). She doesn’t like to be carried like a little baby anymore.
  • She recognize faces of family members, but she smiles at everyone.
  • She will soon be too big for medium sized diapers.
  • She have ear piercings now.

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